Hail Montezuma: The Hidden Treasures of San Diego State

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Current Research Areas

My primary research interest is to understand the relationship between language and cognition in preverbal infants, young language learners, and adult speakers. Current projects involve cross-linguistic comparisons (e.g., Korean, English, French, German) with database from both naturalistic speech samples and controlled experiments.  Specific topics include:

  1. Development of spatial semantic categories
  2. Development of syntactic expressions for motion events
  3. Caregiver-child interaction in the acquisition of sentence-ending particles in Korean
  4. Relationship between language and cognition in Space and Evidentiality*

*Part of this project is currently funded by the Vienna Science and Technology Foundation (WWTF), to compare between German and Korean speakers.  (Project period: June 2016 – Dec. 2020) More information at http://clap.univie.ac.at